August in concert – 1972

Yesterday and Today

It’s a Friday or Saturday night, 1970-something, and you’ve just arrived at the sock hop. The test on Friday afternoon was a killer, but now it’s the weekend. Finding your friends, you begin discussing next week’s classes and the big game. During conversations, you casually glance towards the stage, wondering what band is playing tonight.

Two or three amplifiers, a set of drums and probably a keyboard is a given, but tonight something’s different. Glistening in the spotlights are more microphone stands than you’ve ever seen in one place. Intensifying in the light are reflections of horns. Lots of horns: trumpets, trombones, saxophones. You can feel the energy building and not one note has yet been played. This is not going to be just another night with a rock & roll band.

Sensing something special is about to occur, you motion your friends towards the stage with your head. After a collective glance towards the stage, eyes widen, postures stiffen and unconsciously all of you start inching forward. You need to be close. You need to be a part of this magical night.

There’s stirring behind stage, and an uncanny electricity begins to filter through the auditorium. Everyone is beginning to feel the energy that’s building. . .
It’s time!

The band begins filtering in from the wings as lights dim and tension builds. Small chatter from the stage, a stray note from a guitar, keyboard or horn, a drum tap.


And then, that sound. That explosive sound that could only come from a highly polished group of musicians. “Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for AUGUST!” The horns roar: the energy overtakes the crowd like a runaway locomotive. Nothing is the same anymore.

August with WLS On-Air Personalities including Dave Fogel, Marti Jones, Greg Brown, and legendary Dick Biondi.

The opportunity to experience the blended vocal harmonies, the tight pulsing rhythm section and soaring horn chorus of AUGUST has returned. The music has returned, bigger and better than ever. Relive and make new memories with AUGUST.

Join many of the original and now “seasoned” faces, along with the talented new members of AUGUST as the journey continues with many of the songs you remember as well as exciting new music that rekindles the need to hear and experience real music again.